About Atlantic Immigration Programs

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program was launched in 2017 as a 3 years pilot program and revised again in 2019-2021 . It is targeted towards people who wish to immigrate to regions of Atlantic Canada where Permanent Residents or Canadian Citizens are not available to fulfill labor demands or stay there if they are already residing temporarily in one of the following locations:

  • New Brunswick
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Nova Scotia
  • New Foundland & Labrador

Employers in these regions can also hire foreign skilled workers or international graduates through the following 3 programs:

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What are the requirements to immigrate to Canada through Atlantic Programs?

Each of these 3 Programs have requirements that need to be met with by the employer as well as the candidate.

After being designated by the Provincial government of the Atlantic Province, an employer can make a job offer. Having done that, the employer and candidate have to follow a series of steps and if they meet all the requirements, candidate is awarded with a permanent resident status in Canada. Candidates who wish to apply for any of the mentioned programs would need to fulfill the following set of requirements:

  • The job offer must be from an AIP designated employer, for full time and non seasonal.
  • Job offer must have a duration of at least 1 year or be permanent depending on the program.
  • You must have a CLB level 4 in English/NCLC level 4 in French as your Language Test Results.
  • For Skilled Workers, you must have a Canadian high school or post secondary certificate, diploma or degree. An Education Credential Assessment(ECA) Report is needed for a foreign educational credential to show its Canadian equivalency.
  • For International Graduates, a 2 year certificate, diploma or degree is required to be completed in an Atlantic Province within last 12 months of application.
  • Work Experience in a single occupation for 1 year(30 hours/week).It should be paid for and can be gained from outside or inside Canada.(Experience not needed for International Graduates)
  • Proof Of Funds for all of your family members.
  • Specific Requirements to the stream the worker is being hired under.

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