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Over the preceding years, Canada has been one of the most opted for destinations amongst international students from all over the world. Canada appeals to them as it offers state of art educational facilities as well as a welcoming Canadian culture that embraces diversity and safety of its people. Indeed, Canada have ranked in the top 10 nations in the United Nations Quality Of Life Index since 2004. Canadian institutions are also open to foreigners as some of the highly esteemed schools have set their aim to doubled their shares of immigrant students by the year 2022. These institutions set graduates on the path to earn flourishing figures and hence give them promising prospects. Canada boasts of some of the lowest universities and colleges fees among English speaking countries. We can help you find the rightful study program from a wide array of institutions and living expenditures in the city of your choice which suits your budget. Come to Canada for your superior studies, experience the way of life beyond comparison.

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Do you need a Study Permit to study in Canada?

Study permit is a document issued by the Canadian Federal Government, which renders foreign nationals eligible to study at a Designated Learning Institution(DLI). A designated learning institute(DLI) is otherwise referred as a Canadian College/Institute/University, which is approved by a Canadian provincial or Territorial Government to host international students. It is through the mention of Canadian Institutions in the DLI list that aspiring international students can know that the study permit offered by them is valid and completely genuine.

The valid duration of a study permit ranges from the start of your study program to 90 days ahead of its completion. The purpose of these 90 days is to let you leave Canada or extend your stay in Canada. It should also be noted that study permit is not the same as visa. Your Spouse and dependent children may also apply for Canada study permit along with you.

You, as a foreign national can start your studies in Canada after fulfillment of the following set of conditions:

  • You are enrolled at a Designated Learning Institution(DLI).
  • You hold sufficient money to pay your tution fees.
  • You are able to bear living expenditures of yourself as well any accompanied family member in Canada.
  • You can return back along with the family member who came with you to Canada.
  • You are a law abiding person, do not hold any previous criminal record and have got a police certificate.
  • You are in sound health and have got a medical examination done.
  • You would have to convince an immigration officer that as and when your study permit terminates you will depart from Canada.

Post Graduation work Permit

Post Graduation Work Permit is designed for students in Canada who have completed their post secondary study program of at least 8 months from qualified Designated Learning Institutions(DLI). They can acquire an open work permit for a maximum period of 3 years and have Canadian Skilled Work Experience in the eligible NOC groups (0, A or B). This work permit does not require Labour Market Impact Assessment(LMIA).Thus, an international student can move to any province or territory and apply for work.  PGWP sets international graduates on the path to Permanent Residency of Canada as they become eligible through Canadian Experience Class (Skilled Workers Program) in the Express Entry System. 

To be able to apply for PGWP, it is imperative that the study permit of the student is valid at the time of application. There is also a need to take care that only the total months of studies completed with DLI is calculated in the study hours and any college which is not designated will not be considered for Canada post-graduation work permit. You can apply within 180 days after you get your Canadian degree/diploma or official transcript. If for any unfortunate reason your study permit for Canada expires before your application, you can restore your status as as student within 90 days and then apply for a PGWP for Canada. 

The total length of PGWP for Canada is proportional to the completed study program of the student:

  • If your study program is for 8 months to 1 year, the work permit is given for 1 year.
  • If your study program is from 1 to 2 years, the work permit is equivalent to length of the study program.
  • You are given a work permit of 3 years if you have completed the study program of 2 years or more.
  • If your program is completed earlier than the normal time for your program, the work permit would be given for full length of the program.

If at any time your passport expires before completion date of your PGWP :

  • You will be issued Work permit until the expiry date.
  • You will need to extend it for the total duration.

You would need to check before getting admission into a Canadian College or University whether your institution is a Designated learning Institute(DLI). As only then you would be eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit.

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