About Canada Work Permit

For a foreign national to work in Canada, he/she needs to acquire a work permit. You can check here for yourself whether you will be needing a work permit for Canada There are two types of work permits that can be opted for:

  • Open Work Permit
  • Employer Specific Work Permit

Regardless of which type of work permit you choose to pursue, there are specific instructions that you would need to abide to:

  • You must prove to an officer that upon expiry of your work permit you will leave Canada.
  • You can support yourself and your family members financially during your stay in Canada and return to your host country.
  • You must be a law abiding person and not be indulged in any sort of criminal activity and provide a police clearance certificate, if needed.
  • You must be physically fit and provide a medical report, if needed.
  • You must not plan to work for an employer who is found non – compliant under Temporary Foreign Worker Program or International Mobility Program.
  • You must not pose any kind of threat to Canada’s Security.

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Employer Specific Work Permit

In this category of work permit applicant has to work for the employer mentioned in his/her work permit document for the tenure stated and at the location specified as well. An employer specific work permit can let the applicant immigrate to Canada under a set of conditions:

  • You must have positive LMIA decision letter from a Canadian employer or an LMIA Number.
  • You must fulfill the education as well as experience requirements.
  • Your Spouse or common law partner can apply for an Open Work Permit, whereas your child may apply for a study permit with your application.
  • It is worth noting that before submission of your profile the employer must complete a series of steps and submit a Labour Market Impact Assessment(LMIA) or an offer of employment number to include in your application.

Open Work Permit

An open work permit gives the applicant the opportunity to work under any employer of his/her choice except for the ones who are found non compliant with the necessitated responsibilities of an employer. There are prevalent Canadian Laws which help protect foreign workers from any kind of mistreatment, threat by the employers at work.

They must ensure that: you receive the pay for the work you do, your workspace is safe from any kind of danger or hazard, they can not back away from the work permit or withdraw your passport.

  • If you are an international student, graduated from a Designated Learning Institution(DLI) then you may opt for a temporary work permit in Canada.
  • If you are unable to meet expenses of your study in Canada.
  • If you hold an Employer specific work permit and are ill treated at work, you can change to an open work permit  and work for a new employer.
  • If you have applied for permanent residence of Canada.
  • If you are a dependent family member of someone who has applied for Canadian Permanent Residency.
  • If you are a spouse/Common-law partner of an international student, skilled worker or an applicant of Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.
  • If you are a refugee, refugee claimant, protected person or their family member.
  • If you are a temporary resident permit holder.

Labour Market Impact Assessment(LMIA)

An LMIA is a document procured by the Canadian employer  from Employment And Social Development Canada before hiring a foreign worker. An employer can check if an LMIA is needed and apply accordingly.

Upon receiving a positive LMIA(also referred as a confirmation letter), it is deduced that the employer is in need of a foreign worker to fill in a job position. It also signifies that a permanent resident or Canadian citizen is not available to take up the job. One must take into consideration while applying that an LMIA is valid for a limited time. The employer would have to apply for a new LMIA, should they wish to retain the foreign worker.   

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